Nine Uncommon Things Insurance Covers

Your homeowner’s insurance protects you from things such as burglary and fire. But, did you know you could also be insured against identity theft? Find out what some of the most uncommon things covered by insurance are for homeowner’s, renter’s, and personal auto policies:

Homeowner’s insurance

1. Dog Bites

While dogs are man’s best friend, an unfortunate event such as your puppy biting the neighbor’s child could cause an unnecessary headache. Many homeowner’s insurance policies include up to $300,000 of liability protection if Fido nips a neigbtor.

2. Spoiled Food

If a power outage in your neighborhood caused your refrigerated and frozen food to spoil, call your insurance company and ask if your policy includes coverage for spoiled food. Some policies cover up to $500 worth of food, but only if it’s caused by a power outage. They can’t help you if your food goes bad because your old refrigerator or freezer breaks down.

3. Identity Theft

Many policy owners don’t know that, with your homeowner’s policy, you could be protected against identity theft. Coverage includes lawyer fees and lost wages due to having your identity stolen.

Renter’s insurance

Some of the unusual things included in the homeowner’s policy also apply for renter’s insurance. Additionally, here are some random things you could be covered for:

4. Volcanic Eruptions

That is correct. If you live in the state of Hawaii and one of the active volcanoes erupts and causes damage to your rental property, you could be covered from smoke and ashes. And if the plume of smoke reaches the mainland, there is still a high chance you are covered.

5. Cost of Relocation

Has your rental apartment caught fire due to an unforeseen event and you need to relocate? There is a high chance your renter’s policy covers the cost of moving to a new location as part of its “loss of use” clause. While no one wants to experience a tragedy like this, it’s always comforting to know that even in these circumstances you and your family would be protected.

Car insurance

6. New Child Car Seats

In the event of an automobile crash, it’s always advisable to change your children’s car seats even if they don’t seem to be damaged. Your personal auto insurance may cover the cost of purchasing new car seats to ensure a safer commute for your little ones.

7. Pet Injuries

It’s important to consider a policy that covers pet injuries from a collision, especially if you travel with Fido often. While this coverage varies from one company to another, it’s worth looking into a personal auto insurance policy that covers veterinary bills. You must know, however, that in order to benefit from this coverage, the crash can’t be caused by you.

8. Rodent Damage

Yes, this is also one of the many uncommon things covered by insurance companies. As strange as having your vehicle “vandalized” by a rodent might sound, it’s something that happens more often than you imagine. Whether it’s mice, squirrels, or rats, if your vehicle is damaged due to their mischievous activity, your insurance company could cover it as part of their clause that includes protection for incidents other than collision. It's something worth looking into.

9. Meteor Debris

Your vehicle is also protected in the event of Armageddon. Auto insurance companies protect cars from falling objects so long as they have comprehensive coverage. Falling objects includes meteors, asteroids, and other debris falling from space. Now you know that your vehicle is ready for the end of the world.

These are nine uncommon things covered by insurance. There are others and Infinity can protect you and your loved ones from the unexpected. Learn more about our homeowner’s, renter’s, and personal auto insurance policies through our website. For a quick quote, call one of our friendly agents at 1-800-INFINITY or visit our website.

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