Infinity Offers Rideshare Insurance in Miami

Do you have the right coverage? 

Infinity is excited to announce the launch of our special rideshare insurance coverage in one of our biggest markets-- Miami, Florida. According to the Wall Street Journal, there are over 160,000 drivers for Uber in the U.S. alone. Unlike limos or taxis, these drivers are using their non-commercial personal vehicles to transport passengers for compensation. Some companies may deem ridesharing as an unacceptable risk, which may leave you without insurance.  Infinity is excited to offer insurance eligibility for ride sharing.  The coverage will only affect the cars which you are using for ridesharing, so the rates on your policy itself won’t be affected. Call 888-809-1798 for more details on this special new coverage.

Thinking about adding Uber to your résumé? There are plenty of opportunities for ridesharing in the crowded metropolitan areas of Florida, especially the city and surrounding areas of Miami and Fort Lauderdale. Whether your customer needs to go to the bank in Doral, visit a sick relative at the University of Miami Hospital, go to the Port of Miami for a cruise, or relax at a resort on Miami Beach, your ridesharing service will be there to give them a lift.

Ridesharing is app-based, with each company having its own mobile application for customers to request a ride. The two biggest providers of ridesharing are Lyft and Uber. Lyft uses a pink color scheme, while Uber uses blue for its corporate branding. One main difference between the two rideshare companies is that Lyft accepts tips through the app, while Uber does not. There are differences between the typical types of drivers for each service as well, especially when it comes to landing the job. Working for Lyft requires that you be 21 years of age or older. You’ll participate in their in-person interview and vehicle inspection.

Uber is a bit more lenient in their initial approval process, although both companies will do a background check on all potential drivers. See for more rules. There are smaller ridesharing companies as well, such as Gett and Juno, and these ridesharing companies are also eligible for Infinity’s special ridesharing insurance coverage as long as there is no delivery (i.e. uberEATS) or rental of the car (i.e. Turo).

Information for drivers

If you are driving for a ridesharing company, there are some important steps for you to take.

1. Tell Infinity Insurance. Your personal insurance needs to be updated so that you are using your car for ridesharing. In fact, insurance companies across the country will likely cancel your policy if they find out that you are driving without alerting them. Fortunately, you’ll be eligible for the special rideshare coverage from Infinity once you let us know about your newfound love for Uber, Lyft, Wings, Sidecar, etc...

2. Talk to the ridesharing company about insurance. Make sure you understand what insurance your ridesharing company offers. Your Infinity Insurance agent can help you determine when you are covered by the ridesharing company and when you’re not.

Go here to get a quote for the special ridesharing insurance coverage from Infinity Insurance, or call 888-809-1798. You'll be doing your part to avoid potential gaps between your personal and commercial ridesharing coverages provided by Lyft, Uber, etc. We make it easy! We can quickly add an endorsement to the personal auto policy for the ridesharing business, and you’ll be ready to start driving!  Letting us know the vehicles that do ridesharing maximizes protection and does not impact the rates of other vehicles on the policy. Don’t leave yourself without coverage. Let Infinity give you a “Lyft” in coverage. We’re “uber” excited for your new business venture!

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