Recorded Statements Don’t Have to Make You Nervous

If you have been involved in an accident where a claim was filed, you have probably had to give a recorded statement about what happened. It can seem strange to have your account recorded, but it is a simple process that helps move your case forward quickly.

Giving your statement is not something to fear. Having your side of the story recorded can help in case your claim is disputed. The agent taking the statement will introduce him or herself, ask if you are ready to be recorded and then ask you a series of open-ended questions. You will answer truthfully and then the agent will ask if you are finished and turn off the recorder.

You don’t have to have been the driver to be able to give a statement. You could have been a passenger or even just a witness. In fact, a witness who stopped after seeing an accident can be the most valuable recorded statement because they have no stake in the outcome, so they are not biased at all.

As the insured, it is in your contract that you must give a recorded statement to your insurance company. You are not required, however, to give a statement to the other driver’s company. Even so, giving the statement to both sides will help move the claim along. One thing that exempts you from being recorded at all is being a minor. This means that no children involved in an accident can give a statement.

Your insurance company will want to take your recorded statement as soon as possible after your accident. This is so that your memories will still be fresh.
After giving the statement, you are one step closer to the end of your claim.

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