The Claims Process: Where Is My Claim?

As a driver, this means that there is a high chance that you will have to file an insurance claim at some point in your life. It would be helpful for you to understand how an auto insurance claim works. Let’s go over the steps a basic claim goes through, and what to do if you have to file one.

Reporting A Claim with Infinity Insurance Agency

To report a claim, please call 1-800-463-4648. You will be asked some basic questions. Please have the policy number and loss date available to set up the claim. 

Claims do not have to be filed by the insured party. They can also be filed by another party in the accident, an agent or the other insurance company.

The Claim’s First Steps

Where the claim goes depends on what type of claim it is. A simple claim might stay in FNOL. There are many things that can make a claim more complex, such as a coverage issue. More in-depth information could be needed about who was driving, for example. There could also be the need for an investigation into who is at fault, like if the accident happened in a busy intersection or if there were several cars involved.

If something like this occurs, and it is no longer clear-cut, the claim is moved along to Initial Action. The claim will be given to an adjuster in the area where the loss happened, unless it is going to be handled in our Alabama headquarters.

The Adjuster’s First Steps

After a new claim comes to an adjuster, that adjuster’s first steps are to make contact with all involved parties. They will take recorded statements from everyone involved in the accident as well as witnesses. They will then review the policy to make sure that there was coverage at the time of the loss. Finally, they will determine who is at fault in the accident.

The Drivers’ First Steps

Of course, the first thing you should do as the driver is let us know about the loss ASAP. Then, you should cooperate with the investigation as much as possible. Share the police report and any other important paperwork with your insurer.

Another big and often difficult step is to be patient. Your claim will not be done in a day. If there is a coverage issue or other complication, it may not be done in a week! Any coverage issue can really hold a claim up. There can be no payments to the insured and no rental car coverage until it is determined that there was no coverage issue. There can be no payment to the other parties in the accident until liability has been determined.

If the Claim Is Approved…

If the adjuster sees that there was coverage for your loss, they will arrange for your vehicle to be repaired. If they determine that you were at fault, they will work with the other party to get their vehicle repaired.

If the Claim Is Denied…

The adjuster will contact all of the involved parties and let them know if the claim will not be able to be paid out. Letters will be sent to your last updated address.

The main reason for claim denials is nonpayment. Do not let your coverage lapse!

Those are the steps for a basic claim. A claim can get much more complicated. Just report the loss as soon as you can, and then try to relax and let your insurance company take it from there.

If you need to report a claim to Infinity Insurance Agency call 1-800-463-4648, or contact us at 800-353-6737. Looking for a new personal auto insurance policy? Call us today!

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