Car Scratch Repair - Will My Insurance Cover It?

It's a situation known to most. You park your vehicle to run errands at the supermarket, and when you get back to your car, you find a big scratch on the side or the bumper.

You're upset, mainly because no one has had the courtesy of leaving a note. Your mind goes a hundred miles an hour because it's a new car and you're bothered it's already been scratched. Who did it? Why didn't they leave a note with a contact number? But, mostly, what everyone that's gone through this situation also wonders is whether their insurance will cover their car scratch repair cost.

And the answer is... it all depends on the situation and the type of coverage you have.

But, before you panic, analyze the situation first. Has your car been scratched due to wind or other natural forces? Or are you sure it was another vehicle/person?

Auto insurance companies may cover your car scratch repair cost under certain circumstances:

Comprehensive Coverage

In order to get coverage from your insurance company when repairing your vehicle's scratches and dents, you'll need to have comprehensive auto insurance and certain circumstances will need to be met:

  • Your vehicle was scratched as an act of vandalism.
  • The branch of a tree has fallen on your car due to the wind.
  • A shopping car has crashed into your vehicle because of the wind.

If this summarizes your current situation, then you will most likely need to pay your comprehensive coverage's deductible, and you will need to make the payment upfront before your insurance company covers the car scratch repair cost.

Collision Coverage

You may also have collision coverage. If that is the case and the following circumstances are given:

  • A door opening hits your vehicle and scratches it.
  • A moving car sideswipes your vehicle.
  • Your vehicle gets scratched at the car wash.
  • Or it is scratched by some trees branches as you're driving...

Under these circumstances, your auto insurance could cover the scratches in your car, but you'll also need to pay the deductible up front. You'll have to make sure that, if there's in fact been a collision, you're not the one at fault. If you are, you insurance company will need to pay for the other party's repair as well.These are some of the examples that your auto insurance could cover in the event of a car scratch.

But, what happens when you leave the supermarket and your vehicle is already scratched? You don't know who it was or how it happened.

In these cases, you'll have to look at the damage itself, your coverage and other factors that come into play.

Either way, you'll have to keep in mind that in any case, you'll have to pay the deductible up front. Before doing so, ask yourself: Are these scratches and/or dents big? Will it cost less to have them fixed on my own?

If the insurance company believe the scratches are not too big and you still choose to have them cover the cost, paying your deductible, they may end up increasing the premium in your policy. That's why it's important to first look into things objectively.

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