Building Customer Loyalty in Five Steps

Having loyal customers comes from more than just satisfactory service. How do you build true customer loyalty?


Without customers, your company would not exist. They are the center of everything that you do, which means they probably deserve a good bit of your attention. It’s not enough to turn a lead into a customer. You have to turn that customer into a repeat customer and even a promoter of your company. Repeatedly satisfying your customers can take them from, “I like this company,” to “I love this company! You should try it!”


Satisfy Your Customers: The 5 Best Ways

  1. Give Them A Great Product
    This seems like a no-brainer, but what this really boils down to is expectations. Is the product or service perfect for the description you gave it? Is it really the cheapest lawn care in town? Your customer will feel disappointed if their expectation is not fulfilled. This person may not return, and chances are very slim that they will promote your company.

  2. Show Them You Care
    It’s not enough to say, “Hey, here’s this great deal, buy it and go use it.” Tell them why they should buy it. “This product will make your life easier so that you can spend more time with your family.” They will feel cared for, which is a key to them caring for you, which equals loyalty.

  3. Be Timely
    One of the biggest complaints posted online is that something took too long. Likewise, some of the most glowing reviews mention how quick a service was. This doesn’t mean your company should sacrifice quality for speed. Again, it is about expectations. The customer expects a good plumber to be booked for a few weeks, but they will not wait for a few months.

  4. Be Prepared
    You want to believe that everything will go smoothly and all of your customers will be satisfied, but that is simply not the case. A customer will be angry with the way you trimmed his hedges or you might make an honest mistake and cut their grass too short. Either way, there will be unhappiness. Having a plan for this outcome makes all the difference. Start with a sincere apology in person and perhaps in a written form. Maybe have a small deal or offer you can give to people. Just come up with a method that will hopefully return them to happy customer status.

  5. Treat Them Like Family
    Your customers should feel at home with your company. Thank them when they use your business. Tell them how much you’d love to see them come back. When they haven’t come back in a while, shoot them a card or phone call letting them know they’ve been missed.

These five steps can help you move from having satisfied customers to having customers who are loyal to your brand. These customers will continue to come back, and maybe even tell their friends about you, as long as you continue to make them the center of your business model.


Build your loyal customer base the way you have built your company: with thoughtfulness and care. Protect everything you’ve built through Infinity Business Insurance.

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