Tips to Keep Your Car Within the Speed Limit



When you are driving, it is important to stay within the posted speed limit. Speeding has consequences, such as a ticket from the police and a traffic violation on your driving record. As a result of a ticket, the driver gets a higher auto insurance premium.

Check the Speedometer

Look at your speedometer regularly while you drive. Although you primarily want to look at the road, other cars and the surrounding areas, take time to glance at your speed every minute or so and make the appropriate adjustments.

Remove Distractions

Distractions are dangerous when you drive and can lead to accidentally speeding because you are not paying attention. According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, distracted driving increases your risk of an accident by three times when compared to drivers who are not distracted.

Turn off the music or turn it down low so that it is not a distraction. Turn off your cell phone so that you are not tempted to make calls or send text messages. Wait to eat until after you park the car.

Leave Earlier

It is easy to speed if you are late, so wake up a little earlier. It will give you more time to get ready and provide a few extra minutes for your drive, which prevents you from speeding due to being late.

Set Cruise Control

If your vehicle is an automatic, then you can set cruise control when you drive on highways or have a large stretch of road before the next stop light or sign. Take advantage of cruise control to stay within the posted limit.

Benefits of Staying in the Speed Limit

Although the legal benefits are a primary reason to stay within the posted speed limit, you will see a wide range of other benefits that can help motivate you to follow the rules of the road. The limitation on speed is posted for a reason, but many of the benefits are unrelated to the safety reasons for the set limit.

The primary advantages of staying within the speed limit include:

  • Safer neighborhoods, particularly in areas with children
  • Fewer tickets
  • Lower insurance rates due to good driver discounts
  • Reduced risk of accidents
  • Better observation of surroundings and other drivers
  • Showcasing respect for the laws
  • Setting an example for other drivers
  • Getting better gas mileage

Safe driving is not only about watching your surroundings and being aware of other drivers. It is also important to drive at a speed that is safe. The limit is designed to prevent specific risks that occur when you drive too quickly.

Staying within the posted speed limit is not hard; it just requires a little extra effort and time. By watching the limit signs, looking at the speedometer and making appropriate adjustments, it is possible to obtain all of the benefits of staying within the speed limit.

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