How to Parallel Park in 6 Easy Steps

Parallel parking can be challenging for many people. If you live in the city, chances are you see parallel parking spots often. Do you avoid them? You don’t have to. Follow these steps to make parallel parking a breeze.

the six steps of parallel parking

1. Find the Right Spot. The ideal spot will be a few feet longer than your car, to give you room to maneuver. If you don’t feel confident that there is enough space for your vehicle, don't park there. It’s worth parking a little further away to avoid an accident.

2. Turn On Your Blinker. This way, other cars will know that you are trying to park. They will know that the spot is spoken for and that they should go around you.

3. Line It Up. You will need to align your car with the vehicle parked in front of the spot you want. Make sure your rear bumpers are right in line with one another.

4. Turn Your Wheel to the Right. Turn your wheel all the way to the right before you begin your turn. Put your car into reverse, turn the wheel, and slowly let off of the brake. Stop when your car’s center is even with the other car’s rear bumper.

5. Turn Your Wheel to the Left. Turn your wheel all the way to the left and slowly let off the brakes. Continue backing up into the spot, leaving enough space behind your car so that you do not hit the car behind the spot.

6. Adjust. You may need to scoot your car forward or backward a little to make sure you are in the center of your spot and that everyone has enough room to get out. Then put your car into park, and carry on with your day!

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