Managing Stress Around the Holidays

The holidays can be an opportunity to celebrate the values you cherish and the people you love. But Infinity recognizes that this time of the year can often leave you trying to do the impossible in a short amount of time, on a limited budget, and with conflicting demands. All of this may take a toll on your emotional well-being. While some stress may be unavoidable, it doesn't have to feel overwhelming. Keep reading for 9 easy ways to ease the pressures on yourself and your family this Holiday season

Decide what is important to you.

Ask yourself what you want the holiday to be or to mean. What part of it do you value the most? Then, make a list of all the things you need to do and prioritize them based off of what matters the most to you.

Give yourself a break.

Do the highest priority items on your list first and the rest only if you have time. Consider delegating some of the tasks. Don't beat yourself up if you don't complete every item on your list; be proud of what you have accomplished and how it made a difference to others.

Rethink your traditions.

Some traditions may take up a lot of time and energy, long after they have lost their meaning for you or your family. Think about whether this is a good time to replace those traditions with ones that would better fit your family's needs.

Say "no."

Do you have a tendency to take on too much? Learn to say "no" politely when people ask you to do just one more thing.

Look for shortcuts.

If you can't bring yourself to utter the word "no." For example, you don't have to make all the cookies from scratch — buy the cookie dough and bake it. Or send electronic greeting cards from Blue Mountain or a similar website where you can easily include photos and don't have to spend time and money stamping and addressing envelopes.

Set differences aside.

Holidays may bring together family members who, at other times of the year, are happier apart. Before a family function, identify what topics have the potential to cause a heated discussion. Once there, avoid bringing up these areas and change the subject if you feel the conversation is headed in that direction.

Be a kid again.

Take some time to play and just enjoy the scenery. Notice people's decorations and the yummy smells. Take a nature walk, go skating, or try some deep-breathing exercises -- whatever helps you relax for a while.

Get plenty of rest and exercise.

It's easy to forget to do the things that keep you healthy when you have so much to do. Keeping with your regular sleeping and exercise routines will give you the energy to do everything you need to do, and it will keep some normalcy in your life.

Remember that other people are also dealing with the stress and pressure of holidays.

If you are in a traffic jam at the mall, you're one of many people trying to get everything done to make their celebrations run as smoothly as possible. Don't take the difficulty of finding parking spaces personally.

The Holidays are time to catch up with loved ones and to really spend quality time with family. Infinity Insurance understands that, and for that reason, it’s very important to have a reliable team at your service, to help protect your home. Call an Infinity agent at 1-800-INFINITY or get an online quote today.

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