ATV Insurance: Off-Road Protection

Going off road— whether in the backwoods or out on the dunes— can be thrilling. All-terrain vehicles (ATV’s) come with a whole new set of fun activities, but they also come with their own insurance. Make sure that you, your ATV, and those around you are all covered by your ATV policy.

Why do I need ATV insurance?

Just like auto insurance, ATV insurance is the best practice for saving you from financial loss. If you were in an ATV accident anywhere but in your own yard, your homeowner’s policy will not cover you. This leaves you responsible for paying out of pocket for any damage you sustain or cause while riding.

ATV’s also have a high theft rate. Like motorcycles, they can be lifted into a truck by a few strong people and be gone within minutes.

Insurance for your four-wheeler may also be required, depending on where you are driving. Most states require some insurance if you are using your ATV on public, state-owned property such as a park. If you are riding your vehicle in a public area and do not have insurance, you could be fined.

What types of coverage are available?

Liability insurance is perhaps the most important coverage, and it is the type that will be required in public places. This coverage protects other people and property that you may damage while riding, so if your ATV sends a rock through someone’s back windshield, liability coverage will have your back.

Collision insurance will protect you and your own ATV in case of an accident. For example, if you hit another ATV or a big tree, your collision coverage will pay for your four-wheeler to be fixed.

Comprehensive coverage insures you in case of other damage not caused by a collision, such as theft or hail damage.

ATV’s come with a certain sense of freedom, and talking about ATV insurance may seem like a downer. However, with insurance you preserve that freedom by making sure that nothing will come between you and your ride.

ATV? Check. Helmet? Check. Insurance? Check. Peace of mind? Check.

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