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Umbrella Insurance

Umbrella insurance commonly provides added lawsuit protection, defense cost coverage, and liability coverage for instances that are not covered by an existing auto, home, or boat policy.

Umbrella insurance policies typically provide this additional coverage in the event that a policyholder is sued over injuries or property damage that he or she caused. Simply put, umbrella insurance is additional insurance that will kick in if you are found liable for damages and the cost is higher than what your typical insurance policy covers.

How Do I know if I need umbrella insurance?

To figure out if you need to buy an umbrella insurance policy, here are some questions to ask: ­

  • If someone were to sue you and your underlying auto, home, renters, or boat insurance didn’t cover the complete amount for which you are liable, are there assets you would fear losing?
  • In the same scenario, would you be able to afford court costs? What about your legal defense?
  • Are you particularly at risk for being sued?

Umbrella insurance is not necessary for everyone. But if you are worried about losing certain assets or fear that you could be the target of potential lawsuits, an umbrella policy could be right for you.


Makes sense, but how do I find out how much umbrella insurance costs?

Prepare ahead of time by having your auto or homeowners policy information on-hand while you complete your quote. You can start a free quote online or call 1-800-INFINITY!