Prepare Yourself for Natural Disasters with Flood Insurance

Which natural disasters cause floods?

Despite technological advances in the last decades, natural disasters like hurricanes, tropical storms, tornadoes, and earthquakes continue to leave thousands of people without homes each year. Natural disasters cannot be controlled, but what you do have control over is having flood insurance coverage.

Are you in a flood zone?

Why is it important to have flood insurance? In the United States, there are many states in danger of suffering the effects of natural disasters such as hurricanes and tropical storms. From Florida to Texas, many people lose their homes because of flooding. Your house may be located in the danger zone for flooding. This Flood Risk Map will tell you if your home is in a high danger zone.

Fortunately, catastrophes like Katrina do not happen every day. However, it is still essential to prepare if you live in a southern state like Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Mississippi, Texas, Georgia or South Carolina. You may think that your homeowner’s policy covers damages caused by natural disaster, but that is not the case. To be protected against flood damage, regardless of the reason for the flood, you need a more specific coverage.

Flood insurance

At Infinity, we offer flood insurance that covers the belongings in your home. What you need to know is that to be able to get this type of insurance, you have to begin the process ahead of time. Between the time that you start the process and the time that the policy goes into effect, it takes about 30 days.

If you find yourself in an emergency and you wait until the last minute to buy a flood insurance policy, or if you wait until there is a storm on the way, you will not be able to cover yourself in time.

Because of this, if you live in one of the states or regions with a high risk of flooding, get a quote before it is too late.

At Infinity, we can help you get the best rates for your needs. Get in contact with an Infinity agent today by calling 1-800-INFINITY or get a quote through our website, so that you can activate your flood coverage as soon as possible.


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