Motorcycle Insurance: Protection for You and Your Bike

For a biker, the open road is something that soothes the soul and simultaneously adds excitement to life. However, an accident or theft could ruin all that. Don’t let anything come between you and your next ride.

Why Motorcycle Insurance is Important

For starters, it’s required. Beyond that, though, motorcycle insurance is important because you and your bike are less protected than a car.

The major thing that makes you more likely to be injured in an accident on a motorcycle is that there are no protective devices such as seatbelts and airbags. In some states, you do not even have to wear a helmet. Also, your bike is smaller than other vehicles, which makes it harder for other drivers to see. This could lead to someone hitting you before ever knowing that you were there. The speed and maneuverability of motorcycles can add to this lack of visibility. Knowing all this, it is no surprise that motorcycle accidents have a high percentage of serious injuries and fatalities.

Therefore, your motorcycle is more likely to become severely damaged in an accident. Its size also makes it easier to steal. Especially for smaller, sportier bikes, a few strong people could lift up your bike into a truck and disappear with it. Once stolen, the bike is easy to strip down and sell for parts, so the chance of recovering a stolen bike is much smaller than a stolen car.

Also, as a two wheel vehicle, your bike requires your full attention to stay upright. There are many distractions on the road, which means you could easily lose focus and therefore lose control.

It’s the Law

It is required in every state that you have at least liability insurance on your motorcycle. This insurance protects those around you. If you were to strike a pedestrian and injure him or her, your liability coverage could pay the full amount or a part of the medical bills. This coverage will not, however, pay for any injuries to yourself or damage to your bike.

That is why it is important to look into additional coverages to add to your policy, such as uninsured motorist, comprehensive and collision coverages. Comprehensive protects you from things such as theft, collision coverage protects you and your bike in the event of an accident, and uninsured motorist coverage pays for medical bills and lost wages. Both collision and comprehensive coverage will require a deductible. Contact a Dairyland Insurance agent to find an insurance plan that suits your needs.

How Much Will It Cost?

Generally speaking, motorcycle insurance costs more than auto insurance, due to the increased risks mentioned earlier. Like auto insurance, it does depend on individual factors about you and your bike.

Your insurance may cost more or less depending on your age, driving record and other factors.

The type of bike you have also has a great effect. Smaller, faster bikes are more expensive to insure because they have a higher risk of severe accidents. Riders of these bikes tend to weave in and out of traffic, making the risk of an accident very high.

Older bikes with smaller engines are the cheapest to insure. So, to cut cost, you may have to skip out on a bit of horsepower. You can also take motorcycle safety courses and prove that you are a safe rider by keeping a clean record with no claims.

Before you crank it up and hit the road, be sure that you are covered with a good motorcycle insurance policy.  We have partnered with Dairyland Insurance to provide you with motorcycle insurance.  Click here to get started on your quote.

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