Infinity Appraisers Get World Class Body Shop Training

Have you ever been in a car accident? Was the vehicle badly damaged or worse: totaled? There is a good chance that your totaled car was taken to a shop for training purposes. Infinity Insurance has a top notch training facility, and one person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Our body shop regularly receives these totaled automobiles for research.


A totaled car is a devastating loss, and our auto insurance claims department is always sad to relay the news that a crash has resulted in a totaled car. After the claim file is completed, Infinity Insurance has had lots of customers and claimants who are curious, wondering where those totaled cars go. The vehicle may have been a total loss, but some good could still come of it. Your car could be towed to our body shop and training facility, used for teaching our representatives how to better serve your claims needs.


Every month, Infinity gets a top 10 list of all their insured cars that were involved in an accident, inspected, and finally deemed a total loss. The vehicles are brought to the body shop for field appraisers, the people who determine the level of damage to a car after an accident, to use for learning. A wide selection of cars will be brought in by Infinity’s training and curriculum manager. That manager will try to get cars of every size, in addition to newer models, so that the classes can keep up with new technology. For example, some days the body shop may have some hybrid vehicles. The next week, there may be a fully electric car and a new Ford aluminum truck. They rotate the cars during the classes so that the appraisers can get a thorough learning experience. Infinity will train employees with anywhere from 16 to 20 cars every two weeks.


The material damage classes that are hosted by Infinity Insurance are very hands-on and incredibly insightful. One of the many useful tips from the training course is how to repair the plastics on an auto. The body shop training might include patching up a hole and painting over a plastic bumper cover. The plastic pieces in a wrecked car, as we know, often make up a significant part of the damage insurance companies find in today’s cars.


The body shop makes every effort to be environmentally friendly. Infinity is a major provider of insurance in several states that are focused on “going green”, including California, Florida, Texas, and Arizona. The paint that Infinity Insurance uses is water-borne paint. This environmental standard of excellence actually surpasses the regulations for paint in states like California. Infinity Auto also donates some of the totaled vehicles involved in an auto accident to trade schools and junior colleges for automotive and body shop classes.

The Infinity Insurance training and claims management team are very detail-oriented and concerned with providing the best training possible at the body shop. The Claims Management team will help instruct the insurance adjusters and customer service employees in each of their classes and claims handling demonstrations. To prepare for claims training, the instructors will study a wide array of mechanical courses. Many members of the claims staff have a long history of working in auto repair, some with as many as three generations of auto repair workers in their family.

Infinity Auto Insurance is committed to providing our appraisers with training and real world exposure. What was once a small repair and claims training operation is now an excellent facility to help us serve our employees. The body shop facility at Infinity now includes a frame machine, a large paint booth, high quality and environmentally friendly paint mixing equipment, motorcycle vehicle lift, a four post car lift with alignment capabilities, a two post auto lift, bumper repair equipment, sheet metal equipment, and top-notch steel repair tools. On Infinity’s radar to purchase next will be an aluminum repair kit.

Infinity is committed to excellent service, and our repair and training facility is one way the insurance company is seeking to remain one of the top auto insurance companies in the United States.

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