DUI - Impact on Car Insurance Rates

The numerous consequences associated with drunk driving are not limited to just the inherent recklessness of the action and threat to the driver, passengers and others.

The following are some of them:

  • Fines
  • Jail time, often accompanied by:
    • License suspension
    • Substantial payouts
  • Points on driving record
  • Increase on insurance premiums
  • Loss of job
  • Denial of security clearing

It is evident that there will be a financial impact to anyone convicted of DUI. Yet the risk is often overlooked, even though these costs are considerable. In this article, we explain how it impacts insurance rates.

Although increases may differ depending on the state, according to CoverHound on the first year after a DUI, premiums will increase an average of 94.13%. For example, if the current monthly rate is $100, it would go up to $194.13 each month and that adds up to $1,129.56 per year. Even three years after, the average premium will still be approximately 60% higher because safe driver discounts disappear while insurance companies may either drop or consider such drivers a “high risk”.

DUIs in different states

Each state has its own regulations and raises in insurance policy premiums vary according to them. But, in general, penalties are currently stricter than in previous years.

North Carolina, Hawaii, Vermont, Ohio, and New Hampshire are the five states with the highest increase while the lowest are found in Colorado, Maryland, Wyoming, Louisiana, and Idaho.

These on-average calculations reflect premium increases on the states with the highest concentration of Infinity Insurance’s policyholders*:

  • Arizona-1.45x
  • California-1.43x
  • Florida-2.00x
  • Nevada-1.36x
  • Texas-1.49x

How to proceed if charged with a DUI

Attorney representation is recommended for anyone charged with a DUI. The legal and financial ramifications and precise court filings require professional assistance.

To certify coverage after being charged with a DUI, form SR-22, FR-44 or FR-19 must be filled; proof of financial responsibility may also be required. It’s better to take care of it because the insurance company will learn of the conviction even if the forms are not filled.

According to Quote Wizard, the average cost of being charged with a DUI ranges between $10,000 and $15,000. Legal fees, court charges, alcohol treatment/education plus costlier car insurance comprise the bulk of these expenses.

Not only because it is reckless but the lengthy and expensive process associated with drunk driving should give pause to anyone before drinking and getting behind the wheel. Either assign a designated driver before going out partying or avoid ingesting alcohol and driving altogether.

If you need further assistance with auto insurance or DUI, contact one of our friendly agents at 1-800-INFINITY or visit our website to get a quote in just minutes.

*Data obtained from Value Penguin

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