What does towing and labor coverage do?

Towing and labor coverages and limits are different for each carrier that offers towing and labor coverage, but typically, it pays the cost of towing your car to a repair shop when it is unable to be driven and covers a specified amount of necessary labor charges at the place of the breakdown. This coverage provides reimbursement payment only, so you will have to pay for the service upfront then file a claim with your receipt for reimbursement payment.

Items that may be covered by towing coverage include:

  • Towing (up to a set amount)
  • Tire changing (at site of disablement)
  • Battery jump-start (at site of disablement)

Most car insurance companies will only offer towing and labor coverage if you have physical damage coverage which includes comprehensive and/or collision as part of your policy. Some policies limit coverage and only pay when a claim has been issued against your physical damage coverage after a covered accident.

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Is towing and labor coverage mandatory?

No. This is an optional coverage. 

What happens if I don’t have towing and labor coverage?

Without towing and labor, you will have to pay personally for the expense of towing your vehicle if it becomes disabled, and you will be without coverage for roadside labor costs of services listed above.