Infinity Auto Insurance Roadside Assistance Programs

Did you know that you are eligible for multiple types of roadside assistance programs?  The roadside assistance programs vary by carrier, but Infinity Auto Insurance offers two different programs based on your needs.

Sign and Drive

This roadside assistance program is an added coverage to your insurance policy.  It allows you to call a 24 hour, nationwide network of services ready to help when you have a dead battery and need a jumpstart, need a flat tired changed, have locked your keys in your car and need a locksmith, run out of gas or have had your car break down and need a tow.  For the most part, all you have to do is sign and drive away.

Infinity DriverClub

The membership to this program is free and you don’t even have to be an Infinity customer.  This program gives you access to a 24 hr nationwide network of services that include towing, locksmith, battery jump start, flat tire change and gas.  If you never use the service it doesn’t cost you a dime and any time you do need help, it is a set price of only $59.99.

DriverClub Sign Up

Ask your agent or broker to give you more details today!