How to Stand Out as a Top Landscaper

Why are some landscapers always in demand, with great clients working on beautiful properties and large projects — the kind of businesses that inspire envy.  

Like you, It took them years to learn their trade. You work just as hard and are just as skilled. So what’s the difference? Successful landscapers know that landscaping skills are only a part of a bigger picture. So let’s forget about plants and landscaping for the moment, and look at your landscaping business in a holistic way.  

So What Separates Successful Landscapers From Ordinary Landscapers?  

Lesson One: Listen. Listen. Listen. 

This “bigger picture” is about having skills that are just as important—like great people skills. Obviously, you need to have top notch landscaping skills. But it’s just as important to have “soft” skills like great  listening skills, creativity and problem-solving.  

Clients need to feel comfortable, and know that you understand their vision for their property. You may have tons of great ideas—but save them for later, once you’ve earned your client’s trust. Instead, ask questions that will help you get the project right.  

Once you’ve learned (through your excellent listening skills) what your clients like, take their vision and run with it—create a landscape design even better than they envisioned. Learn what is most important to them, and make sure you make it happen.  

Client Relationships: The Key to Long-term Success 

Like plants, clients need nurturing on your part. Inspire them with a vision of what their property can be. Show you’re enthusiastic about their property’s potential. Your business depends on the relationships you create with your customers. The better the relationship, the more repeat business and referrals you’ll have. Try to make the relationship feel like a partnership with mutual goals.  

Nurturing relationships with your clients will go a long way. 

landscaper laying down sidewalk

Be Visible! Marketing your Landscaping Business 

Congratulations!  You have a handful of clients based on your reputation—you listened! It’s time to get to the next level. So put your rakes and mowers away, and try on a new hat: Savvy marketer!   

The name of the game is “differentiation,” a fancy term for standing out in the crowd. Think of it as your “brand”. If you already have a name and logo people like, great! If not, think about what feels true to you, and explore names. Be creative! It’s also okay to just use your own name.  

Don’t have your cousin who took a few art classes do your logo just to save a few bucks. A professional logo is money well-spent for your truck or business cards. Think about the kind of clients you want to attract. Your logo should appeal to them, too.  

What makes you different? If you’re already known as the best landscaper around, great. If not, you need to get on people’s radar.  

You offer much more than landscaping. Here are qualities you bring to any job that help you stand out:  

  • Your attention to detail 
  • Your helpfulness 
  • Your listening skills 
  • Your imagination 
  • Your work ethic 
  • Your flexibility 
  • Your pride in your work 

Go the extra mile. Other landscapers may offer skills equal to yours. But not all of them will say hi to your client’s kids. Small efforts like this go a long way.  

Landscapers Planting Trees In A Yard

If you have a crew, it’s even more important to have landscaping business insurance.  

Standing Out 

Unless you’re the only landscaper in town, you have competition. You need to get on people’s radar! Here are some marketing tips to get more clients: 

  • Create a Facebook page for your landscaping business.  
  • Purchase landscaping insurance for your company 
  • Have professional business cards made. Use the same designer you used for your logo—consistency helps people recognize your brand.  
  • Post flyers or business cards in local hot spots.  
  • Join your local Chamber of Commerce or other business networking organizations 

Do Landscapers Need Insurance?  

If you want to be on the safe side, the answer is definitely yes. Without it, you’re leaving yourself (and your business at large) exposed to potential lawsuits. It's wise to have liability insurance to help protect your landscaping business. We recommend you carry the following policies at a minimum:  

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