What to Do During a Traffic Stop

Infinity Insurance has partnered with the Medley Police Department to provide useful advice on safe-driving practices. In this week’s episode, Officer Deglys Chavarria talks about police traffic-stop procedures and what to expect if you’re pulled over while driving. Follow these steps to ensure a smooth process:

1. Pull over to the right

Office Chavarria explains that there’s a reason why drivers are asked to pull over to the right side of the road. In his words, this prevents “us from getting struck from behind.” Safety is crucial while on the road, especially when you’re pulled over to the shoulder.

2. Wait for the officer

Don’t get nervous if you’re directed to pull over to the shoulder. Follow the officer’s instructions and wait until the police officer approaches you. Officer Chavarria suggests getting all your documents ready to help during these police traffic-stop procedures. The documents include: your driver’s license, vehicle’s registration, and proof of auto insurance.

3. Remain in the vehicle

Sometimes, due to nervousness, people get out of their vehicle, which creates tension and confusion for both the police officer and driver. Officer Chavarria reminds us to “remain in the vehicle at all times unless directed to do otherwise.”

4. Provide documents

Stay calm during this time and have your documents ready to present them to the officer. “Following instructions will keep the police traffic-stop procedures safe for you and the officer,” explains Officer Chavarria.

5. Conducting document revision

The officer will take your documents and return to his or her vehicle for verification. Office Chavarria explains, “they’re checking for the status of your driver’s license, the status of your registration, and checking your insurance.” Remain inside your vehicle and wait to hear from the officer. Try to minimize movement as officers may see this as suspicious behavior.

6. Sharing conclusions

After the officer has verified all the documentation, they will return to your vehicle and share their conclusions with you. Officer Chavarria says that they will explain “what’s going to happen with the traffic stop.”

Listen to what the officer has to say. If you receive a ticket, don’t argue with the police officer. All the information for court is on the summons, and you can contest this citation there. Stay calm and be respectful to ensure smooth completion of the traffic stop. Remember that police officers aren’t looking for conflict but rather making sure that you’re safe and compliant.


Keeping your documents up-to-date is essential to avoid additional traffic tickets. Infinity Insurance provides competitive auto insurance plans to meet your needs and budget. Speak to one of our friendly agents today at 1-800-INFINITY to learn more about these plans or visit our website to receive a free quote in minutes.

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