Tech Upgrades to Make Your Car Smarter

New vehicles come equipped with high-tech advances that make driving a more pleasant experience. However, it's not necessary to spend tens of thousands of dollars on a new car to improve commutes. In this article, we share seven easy-to-buy tech upgrades and gadgets to improve the driving experience and make cars smarter:

1. Bluetooth Receiver

Too many people are still driving and speaking with a hand-held phone, which is both dangerous and illegal. A Bluetooth receiver connected to the phone minimizes distractions and allows drivers to remain more focused, whether they are speaking to someone or simply listening to music.

2. Dash Camera

A dash camera is good to have, not only for video evidence in case of collisions or acts of vandalism. They can also capture details of a road trip, changes in scenery, or any unexpected occurrence to be enjoyed later. Here are some that are considered to be the best in their category:

  • Budget-Friendly – Aukey and Mobius are two of the more affordable options: $65 – 70.00 range
  • All-Around Functionality and Quality – Garmin, Owl and Lukas LK-7950 are more expensive, but deliver a good value: $200 – 350.00 range

3. Wireless Charging Stand

Less clutter makes life easier, more organized, which is always convenient, especially when driving. A wireless charging stand means one less cable to deal with.

4. Charging Adapter with Multiple USB Ports

It is no longer a viable option to have a single adapter, especially if the commute includes passengers. A multi-port USB-charging adapter allows everyone to stay fully charged, connected, and happier.

5. Swivel Tray

A convenient gadget for those long commutes to and from work. It can also be used to keep phone, keys, glasses and other essentials neat and organized.

6. Heads-up Display (HUD)

HUD is a combination tech and safety feature and was first used in fighter jets. It projects important data (such as speed and navigation) either on the windshield or a separate screen in the driver’s eye range. There are numerous options ranging from about $30 to several hundred dollars.

7. Automatic Pro Car Adapter

An informed driver is a safer driver. The Automatic Pro car adapter offers a range of information that makes cars quite smart: from deciphering the “check engine” light to GPS tracking whether the car is in a parking lot or anywhere else. The Automatic Pro also signals whenever the car is turned on. The device is plugged to the car’s onboard diagnostic system (OBD II is standard for all vehicles models since 1995) and sends information through a smartphone connection. It’s quite convenient, not only because it tells when and why the car needs service, but in case of an accident an agent will connect to offer help, contact emergency services, and telephone family members.

A car can be upgraded with these affordable gadgets for a fraction of the cost of a new vehicle. Another easy way to save each month is by switching to Infinity for your auto insurance. Call one of our friendly agents at 1-800-INFINITY to find out about and discuss different plans. You may also request a free quote online by visiting our website.

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