California Natural Disasters and How to Prepare for Them

California is a beautiful place to live. Although the state has experienced several natural disasters in recent times, from a destructive wildfire season in 2018, to the most recent fires. That said there are several natural disasters that can impact people. See some of those listed below, as well as suggestions on how you and your family can prepare.



Wildfires happen in areas with lots of dry vegetation, including forests and deserts with large amounts of brush. Natural causes like lightning and extreme drought can cause this California natural disaster, as well as human carelessness or bad intentions. Wildfires can very quickly burn large areas of wilderness and devastate neighborhoods and cities. In Southern California, especially, wildfires are frequent due to the warm climate and low rainfall.



California is highly prone to earthquakes as it sits on many active fault lines. Earthquakes are caused by sudden movements of the Earth’s crust along the fault lines. They are nearly impossible to predict. The shock waves and ground movement can cause damage to structures, especially those that haven’t been built or reinforced to withstand an earthquake.



a tsunami is a series of large, devastating waves that occur when a disturbance in the Earth quickly displaces large amounts of seawater. They can trigger earthquakes, landslides, meteorite impacts, or volcanic eruptions. Although they are a rare natural disaster, California is still susceptible to tsunamis due to the chance of an undersea earthquake near the coast.



Heavy rainfall often causes floods in California as well as other disasters like landslides and mudslides. These disasters do a considerable amount of damage to cars, homes, and other structures each year.


Landslides and Mudslides

Landslides occur in hilly or mountainous areas when soil, rocks, vegetation, and other debris begin moving downhill rapidly. Earthquakes can cause them, as can an existing instability in the land. Mudslides, a form of landslide, happen when heavy rainfall causes loose mud and soil to slide downhill. In California, these natural disasters occur regularly in areas that experience earthquakes and periods of heavy rain.


Preparing for the Worst

Now that you’re familiar with some of California’s most common natural disasters, here are some things you can do to help prepare yourself and your family in case you ever find yourselves caught in the middle of one.

1. Have an emergency evacuation plan for each disaster, and make sure everyone in your family is familiar with them.

2. Make sure every room in your house has at least two exit points.

3. Determine safe zones in your house away from windows and objects that could potentially fall.

4. Know how to turn off your home’s gas, water, and electricity.

5. Keep flashlights in several easily accessible locations in the house.

6. Always keep your vehicle’s gas tank at least half full, in case of an emergency evacuation.

7. Keep an emergency evacuation kit with medications, copies of prescriptions, medical supplies, and anything else you know you would need.

  1. Know the locations of several shelters or arrange with other family members to stay with them in the event of an evacuation.
  2. Make sure your home, life, and auto insurance policies will cover any unfortunate events that could happen in a natural disaster.

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