Tips for Getting Back to Work After Vacation

Working Vacation

As your long-anticipated vacation comes to an end, the hours spent enjoying beautiful sunsets while idling in a hammock become part of treasured memories. All of which means it's time to get ready to head home and back to the daily routine: going to bed earlier, waking up, and heading out in the morning. Getting back to business-as-usual might take some readjusting, 

1. Plan ahead

Make a to-do-list covering items that need to be completed before vacation, during, and after getting back. This forethought helps set priorities to accomplish during each phase.

Don’t overcompensate for the time away by scheduling too many activities on your first days back. A breakneck pace is never the answer. Focus and prioritize. Read and respond to emails thoughtfully. Important meetings can probably wait another day as you get up to speed and update your information to be better prepared.

2. Home, sweet home

Arrive home from vacation with a day or two to rest and transition out of vacation mode before heading back to your daily routine. Take time to relax at home and acclimate to your everyday surroundings. Having an orderly, clean home to come back to makes it all the better. With that in mind, make sure the house is left in tip-top shape before vacation begins. Unpack as soon as possible after getting back. It helps to have clothes washed and luggage stored to close one cycle and get back to normal. With planning, having food readily available is a big plus! Prepare and freeze a couple meals before vacation and stock non-perishables in the cupboards. Another option is to have a close friend or relative purchase fresh food items to replenish the refrigerator. It feels great to get in, brew some coffee and relax for a few minutes.

3. Early to bed, more joyful to rise

It’s common for vacationers to stay up later than the norm while visiting another city or relaxing at a resort. Why not enjoy a delicious, late supper or a show? Once you're home, pamper yourself differently. Recover lost sleep by going to bed at a reasonable hour. WebMD says that seven to eight hours of sleep is essential for recovery, especially true after a vacation. With body and mind rested, it’s a breeze to wake up fully energized to start fresh in the morning.

4. Keep the optimism flowing

Focus on the positive aspects of life to enjoy the different challenges each day brings. Enjoy life from the moment you wake up and feel the sunshine. In 2014, Admiral William McCraven addressed the graduating class at the University of Texas. He challenged them to change the world by making small changes, to start by making their bed each morning. This simple task was the first accomplishment of each day, and other accomplishments would flow from the first. 

5. Set aside quality time for friends, family, and colleagues

Having fun with colleagues creates stronger bonds that help during stressful projects. These activities can be as simple as a weeknight dinner at a restaurant near the office, a weekend BBQ in a relaxed environment or putting together a day trip to a place everyone enjoys visiting.

The same holds true for relatives and friends, especially those with whom you are not in daily contact. Sharing memories from your recent travels and plans for future excursions can make for a fun Sunday brunch. Just try to keep the slideshow interesting.

6. Combat the blues

Still feeling nostalgic for a life of leisure? It happens to most of us, but don’t let it drag you down. Here are suggestions that might help:

  • Introduce small changes to your day
    • use the stairs instead of the elevator
    • buy a lush green plant and set it on your desk
    • take a different driving route
  • Go for a long walk in the afternoon
  • Take a coffee or tea break with a coworker
  • Tidy your desk, station, or office
  • Schedule a massage or class at the gym

7. The healing power of music

Music is therapeutic. Put headphones on and listen to your favorite tracks. Pick songs or playlists that reflect the mood you'd like to be in.

Remember that post-vacation blahs are temporary. Within a few days, everything will be back to normal.

These are some easy tips to get back your groove and join life’s rhythm after a vacation. If you’re self-employed or run your own business, making sure your assets are protected will give you a vacation from worry. Infinity Insurance can help secure a Business Owner’s Policy at an affordable rate. Call one of our friendly agents today at 1-800-INFINITY or visit our website to receive an online quote within minutes.

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