Drive Your Way to Reducing Your Carbon Footprint

As far back as 2006, Infinity decided to take on the challenge of reducing its environmental footprint on the planet. We became the first insurance company with a climate neutral fleet of company vehicles.

At Infinity, we recognize our global responsibility and always seek better ways to conserve our natural resources and improve our environment by reducing greenhouse gasses. Join us in creating an eco-friendly world!

We understand that your car may be a necessary part of your daily life, but there are easy ways to reduce your carbon footprint. BONUS: these eco-friendly tips save you money as well!

Drive safely 

This suggestion seems almost too easy. However, studies show that you can increase your fuel economy by up to 40% by driving more safely. That’s the equivalent of saving 23 to 97 cents on every gallon of gas. This includes accelerating slowly, anticipating starts and stops, and maintaining a steady speed.

Maintain your vehicle

Make sure that you change your air, oil and fuel filters when necessary. These filters prevent harmful materials from getting into your engine and into the air. If you do not replace them regularly, the overcrowding of these harmful materials results in polluted air inside and outside of the vehicle and decreased fuel efficiency.

Get some wind in your hair

During the summer, the air conditioning in your vehicle can be a life-saver. However, air conditioning puts a strain on your engine, which causes it to use more fuel, which means increased carbon emissions. Try rolling down the windows to cool off on a hot day instead of punching the AC. You can also turn on the air conditioning just long enough to cool off, then switch to open windows. At the very least, make sure your vehicle has the correct amount of coolant so that it functions as efficiently as possible.

Slim it down

If your car is packed down with extra items, it can’t run as efficiently as possible, which means increased carbon emissions. Remove all excess bags, boxes and other unnecessary items from your car and trunk.

Revive deflated tires

If your tire pressure is low, your engine has to work harder to get your car rolling. Many gas stations have an air pump for tires that is either low cost or free. You can also purchase a tire pressure gauge for about $5 if you do not already have one.

It may seem like making changes as minor as these will not make a difference. However, your small changes and the small changes of others accumulate and make a huge difference over time.

Of course there are more ways to reduce your carbon footprint aside from tune-ups and modifications to your existing vehicle. Walk to work or school if possible. Use apps like Waze to check out traffic on your route and avoid driving through it if possible. Just be conscious about every decision you make and how it affects the environment long-term. Help us take care of our planet for future generations.

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