When Is the Best Time to Buy a Car?

Buying a car is a big commitment, and learning how to save on major purchases or gaming the system is a battle half won. Much like when you’re looking into buying a house or that plane ticket to your next vacation in the Bahamas, there are also specific times of the year, and even days of the week, that will help you save money on your next auto purchase.

December has proven to be a really good month buy a car. The reason is simple: dealerships are left with an overstock of vehicles they need to get rid of before the year comes to an end. They also need to meet a certain sales quota, and if they’re stuck with dozens of cars, they will most likely be willing to negotiate with you.

A Model from the Outgoing Year

When visiting the dealership, look for a model from the outgoing year. They will most likely have several units of these “older” models and will want to close the year with good sales. This could be a good opportunity to get special incentives, rebates, and low-interest rates. Take advantage of the situation and start off the year driving your new vehicle!

End of the Month Sales

Similar to looking for new cars in December, sales reps need to meet a certain quota every month. It’s likely you’ll find a better deal at the end of every month, and dealers will be more willing to negotiate a better rate for you.

Three-Day Holiday Weekends

You’ve seen the commercials on TV. You’ve heard them on the radio. They’re everywhere and they're impossible to miss. Every major three-day holiday weekend has a special car sale going on. Whether it is Memorial Day, Fourth of July or Labor Day weekend, you'll be sure to find some special deals.

Bear in mind that, just like you, there will be more people wanting to purchase a new car at the best possible price, and so it may get a little overwhelming at the dealership. You may also want to try going the first weekday after a long holiday weekend. It may be quieter and they’ll most likely still have vehicles they need to sell.

Early Birds Win

Just like visiting a dealership after the holiday weekend, it’s also a good rule of thumb to go early in the week and early in the day. Most people looking to buy a car will go on Saturday or Sunday or in the evening when they’re off work.

If you can take a day off early in the week and stop by the dealership, you’ll have more time to ask questions, negotiate, and make a wiser decision about the car you want to purchase.

Rainy Days

When it rains, especially here in California, the world seems to come to a stop. People won’t leave their houses to make purchases, and this is why rainy days could be the best time to buy a car for yourself. There will be less foot traffic, and just like going early in the week, you’ll most likely have the dealership all to yourself. Take your time and ask all the questions you want before you settle on a car.

Black Friday

Most people think of electronics and household appliances when Black Friday comes. But auto dealerships also have special promotions for the day after Thanksgiving. Just like in December, look for models from the outgoing year to get a better deal. Be patient and negotiate with the dealer once you have decided on the car you want to purchase.

Buying a car may be stressful. But once you drive out of the dealership with your new vehicle, it’ll all be worth it. One thing you won’t have to worry about is getting the best auto insurance for your new car. At Infinity, we’ve got you covered. Call one of our friendly agents at 1-800-INFINITY or visit our website today.

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