Baby Proofing Your Home

Bringing home a newborn is an exciting time for parents, especially when it’s their first child. Being responsible for another human being is a huge challenge, and it’s good to start preparing well before the baby arrives to help alleviate the stress that comes with being a new parent. Baby proofing your home before the baby arrives can help prevent accidents, ease your mind, and even save your baby’s life. To help make the task less daunting, we’ve compiled a list of the essential steps to take to help keep your baby safe in your home.

Baby Proofing Starts Early

As you probably know already, having a child comes with many responsibilities. With so much to think about, it’s a good idea to start performing these baby proofing steps well before your baby arrives to help avoid any unfortunate accidents:

· Unplug and store electrical appliances that aren’t in use.

· Keep the house and floors clean and free of choking hazards at all times.

· Store potentially hazardous objects out of your baby’s reach (small or sharp items, medications, cleaning supplies, etc.)

Baby Proofing for Newborns

Even before your baby is on the move, it’s important to take a few baby-proofing measures to help keep your baby safe in your home. There’s a chance you could slip and fall with the baby in your arms, and other accidents can happen while the baby is in a crib or carrier. To minimize the risk of harm to your infant, consider doing the following before their arrival:

· Anchor your TV and furniture to the walls.

· Remove electrical cords resting on the floor and secure them up high or in a storage box.

· Remove blinds with looped cords or replace the cords with safety tassels.

· Place a secure screen in front of your fireplace or hearth.

· Place non-slip mats under all rugs.

· Cover sharp corners on furniture with foam bumpers.

· Keep the crib clear of objects while your baby is sleeping.

Baby Proofing for Babies on the Move

Once your baby learns to crawl, which happens around the 6- to 10-months, you’ll want to update your home with a few additional baby-proofing measures to help keep your mobile child out of harm’s way:

· Install gates at both ends, top, and bottom, of all staircases

· Place safety plugs or covers on outlets or block them completely with furniture

· Remove door stops with small parts that can be choking hazards

· Place latches or locks on all doors and cupboards within toddler’s reach

· Remove poisonous plants from the house and yard

General Safety

Of course, there are safety measures that all homeowners should take, regardless of whether they have a baby. Before you bring your baby home, it’s a good idea to make sure your home is up to proper safety standards. You also want to know that any caregivers have taken the same baby-proofing steps if your child spends time in their home.

· Make sure smoke and carbon monoxide (CO) detectors are installed on every level of your home and change the batteries every six months.

· Have a fire extinguisher on hand and become familiar with how to use it.

· Go over an emergency evacuation plan with the members of your home.

· Have designated emergency contacts in your phone and make sure they’re visible even when the phone is locked.

· Hire a professional to remove any chipping paint, especially for a home built before 1978. Dust from lead paint is toxic when ingested and can be especially dangerous for children.

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