Like most great companies, we started small. We proudly trace our roots back to 1955 when we began doing business as the Dixie Insurance Company in the heart of the American South. From our first client in eastern Alabama to today as we serve clients in 43 different states, one thing has never changed: we know that we can only grow by earning the trust of each and every client.

Thanks to our clients' trust and over 50 years of hard work, Infinity now ranks among the top 50 Property & Casualty Insurance companies in the country and employs over 1,900 people across the U.S. Expanding Infinity's reach far beyond our employees, our partnership with independent insurance agencies is better than ever and together we've made Infinity the second largest writer of non-standard automobile insurance in the nation.

What does this mean to you? It means that whether you have a perfect driving record with no problems getting car insurance, or if your record is less than great and you have a hard time with other car insurance companies due to accident(s), violation(s), age, occupation, or type of vehicle... there's a good chance we can help!

Today, Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation (IPCC) is the combination of the Infinity Insurance Companies, Atlanta Casualty Companies, Leader Insurance, Windsor Auto, and Great American Personal Lines Companies. Check out our timeline:


1955 – Dixie Insurance Company originates in Anniston, AL, to later be known as The Infinity Group

1991 – Pennsylvania Company (sister company of American Premier Underwriters) buys The Infinity Group

1995 – American Premier Underwriters, Inc. and the American Financial Corporation join forces and become the American Financial Group (AFG)

2002 – AFG transfers all common stock of Infinity and its sister companies to IPCC

2003 – IPCC goes into initial public offering on NASDAQ