Boat Insurance
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Boat Insurance

Boats and watercrafts can be the centerpiece of family fun whether you're out on the lake, navigating the river, or sailing the open sea. Obviously, safety is a #1 priority in each of these activities. But just like auto insurance, you need specialized coverages such as roadside assistance, on-water towing, and total loss replacement cost.

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We do love our family outings on the boat! But what kinds of coverages do we need for It?

A boat insurance policy is very similar to an auto insurance policy. You'll want to consider coverage for:

  • Personal, Property Damage, and Bodily Injury Liability
  • Trailers
  • Contents of the boat such as tackle, water sports equipment, etc.
  • Water Towing Service
  • Roadside Assistance

How much does boat insurance cost?

The cost of boat insurance depends on many factors like what type of boat you want to insure, the location in which your boat is stored and used, and the types of coverage you include in your policy. That being said, boat insurance can cost as little as $300 per year. Start your free quote online to see how affordable your policy can be!

I didn't realize Infinity provided boat insurance!

Thought Infinity was all about auto insurance? We were just getting started! Infinity provides boat insurance coverages through non-affiliated insurance companies. We've searched for the best providers with the best rates around, so you can save time and money!

Great! How can I get a quote?

Infinity makes it easy to get a boat insurance quote. You'll be able to customize your coverage during the quote process so you can find a rate that will protect your boat and fit your budget. Start your free quote online or call 1-800-INFINITY today!