How to Check if Your Car Needs an Oil Change

Checking the level and quality of the oil in your car is a practice that most people neglect but that you should do at least once per month. This practice can help you reduce the friction of your vehicle and make your engine run more smoothly. Even beyond those things, changing your oil regularly helps protect the environment, since a car that does not run smoothly damages the environment.

But how do you know if it is time to change your oil? At Infinity, we want to help you, so in this article, we explain step-by-step how to change your car oil without taking it to a shop.

Pull Out the Dipstick

The first thing you should do is pull out the dipstick found in the engine of the car. Make sure that your car is off, parked on level ground and that the engine is cold before you start this step. Once you pull it out, wipe it with a rag or paper towel.

Put It In the Oil Chamber

After cleaning the dipstick, put it into the oil chamber to check the oil level. If you notice that the dipstick gets clogged, twist it a little until it enters the chamber.

Check the Oil Level

Pull the dipstick out of the chamber and check the level of oil and its condition. You will see that there are two marks: FULL and ADD. If the line of oil is between the two marks, it would not hurt to add more oil. If it is above FULL, you can assume that your oil levels are fine. If it is below ADD, you need to add more oil. You can add more yourself, but if you do not know how to do it or do not feel comfortable, it is better to leave it to a professional.

Once you have done this, clean the dipstick again with a rag and put it back where you found it.

How do you know when it is the right time to change your car’s oil? If you find the oil to be black when you check the dipstick, do not worry. This does not necessarily mean that you need to change it. The best way to check is to feel the oil between your forefinger and thumb. If you feel that there are particles of dirt in the oil, you need to change it.

Unless you know how to do it yourself and have the necessary tools, the best idea is to bring your car to a shop to have the oil changed. However, you can easily check on your own to see if it needs changing in the first place.

Maintaining your vehicle is important, just as important as insuring it. At Infinity, we can help you get a car insurance policy that fits your needs. Get your quote online today or by calling 1-800-INFINITY.

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