Life Insurance - We've Got You Covered

For years we have focused all of our efforts on our clients' needs by listening to their unique and individual expectations in order to provide the best possible car insurance products. Those same clients are voicing their desire for one-stop insurance shopping. They are looking for all the coverage they need for themselves and their loved ones. We listened and expanded our offer to include Life Insurance policies.


Now you can get the coverage you need — the right amount and the right type for you and your family. We know you want to keep your beneficiaries safe. Now you can all enjoy today, without worries about tomorrow's debt and expenses. Through our Infinity Insurance Agency, we can now offer life insurance policies placed with select non-affiliated insurers.

It's Quick and Easy

To apply for a Life Insurance policy you don't need to take medical exams. There is no waiting period, and you will most definitely not be required to meet with a salesman. All you need to do is answer a few health questions, and your policy can be issued within minutes. That's right. Not weeks, or even hours. Once your information is verified and your policy is approved, your coverage is immediate.

Not only can we offer a variety of products, but at the affordable rates you asked us for, guaranteed never to increase during your policy's term.

Which type of life insurance coverage is right for you?

  • 10-Year Term Life Insurance
  • 15-Year Term Life Insurance
  • 20-Year Term Life Insurance
  • 30-Year Term Life Insurance

What are some of the benefits of Infinity placing your life insurance?

  • Affordable rates - guaranteed to never increase during the policy term.
  • Apply online in a matter of minutes.
  • No medical exams required.
  • Immediate coverage upon approval.

Let's get you covered, shall we?